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July 12: My brand new companion website www.cowry.auction is now featuring its second auction. Many collectors have already registered and are participating in bidding on the quality specimens being offered. Check it out! As always, please feel free to send me your want lists. I might have just what you are looking for!

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Featured Cowries
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Cypraeovula castanea malani Cypraeovula coronata coronata Leporicypraea mappa mappa Nucleolaria nucleus aff. sturanyi
  • castanea malani
  • S. Africa
  • 30.5 mm, F++/Gem
  • Rare
  • coronata coronata
  • S. Africa
  • 27.9 mm, Gem
  • mappa mappa
  • Philippines
  • 65.0 mm, Gem-
  • nucleus aff. sturanyi
  • Egypt
  • 22.5 mm, Gem-
  • Pending Sale
Bistolida stolida kwajaleinensis Chelycypraea testudinaria Zoila venusta episema f. sorrentensis Zoila venusta roseopunctata
  • stolida kwajaleinensis
  • Kwajalein
  • 26.2 mm, Gem
  • testudinaria
  • Philippines
  • 79.0-79.2 mm, F++/Gem
  • venusta episema f. sorrentensis
  • Australia
  • 57.8 mm, Gem-
  • venusta roseopunctata
  • Australia
  • 71.2 mm, Gem-